Troy Hollenbeck, blogger, forex trader, investor entrepreneur from Edmonton, Alberta. Former hockey player with St,Albert Saints, AJHL League. Been marketing online for 4 years now, and travelled many places worldwide, but in reality it’s day one for me. I have have a real passion to show hard working people how to make a part time or a fulltime income during turbulent times. That is what i had to do during the last 5 years is rely on making money online, and during these times, that’s why i created this blog. Show people a way out of the rat race, or lost there job entirely. Content is focused purely on proving value and aimed and helping you build income streams.

I am also a huge crypto currency investor, and have mentored a few close friends & associates. During these time crypto is dirt cheap and huge upside, almost a no brainer to buy Bitcoin, currently $17,356 USD at the time of writing on what i am about. I will put up a crypto post for my readers.

Lastly i”m big on teaching people how to trade crypto or forex, and have affiliated with Epic Trading to provide my readers the best Forex education possible to learn a valuable skill.