If you are struggling to find the strength of a trend, or can’t figure out if the rate is in a series or not, the Aroon indicators right for you. The trend is where the most coin is obliged. Aroon indicator can be very useful to determine whether an inventory or Forex pair is veering or is in a series. When Tushar Chandecreated this indicator in 1995, it was mostly used to find the beginning of a new trend. Since then, sellers have learnt to use it in different ways, and have created many different strategies around it. In this video, you will learn about the Aroon benchmark, how to use it to find more about a trend.


Furthermore, I have also researched one of the aroon trading strategies one hundred times, to find if the Indicator manipulates as an entry signal generator not. So if you want to find out if the aroon strategy is a profitable strategy, stick around, after all, you don’t want to risk your coin on an indicator that doesn’t even direct. And if you are watching the Trading Rushchannel for the first time, also check out other videos on this path, where we researched an assortment of other indicators 100 experiences to find their real winning charges. This is how the aroon indicator looks like. On trading View, this indicator will come with the default length of 14. If it is different for you on your charting programme, simply retain I have tested this indicator 100 hours with these default settings. As you can see, the aroon benchmark will come with 2 boundaries. One area is likely to be the aroon up pipeline. And another one will be the aroon down line. Now, on trading View, these lines are orange and off-colour in shade. So to keep things less confusing, I have, and you should probably change it to light-green and red colour respectively.

On the right-hand side of this indicator, you will see some qualities ranging from 0 to 100 per cent. These are the values that we are going to use to find the strength of a trend. Here’s how most speculators use the Aroon indicator. It’s a bullish direction when the aroon up is above 70, and aroon down is below 30. Similarly, it’s a bearish tendency, when aroon down is above 70, and aroon up is below 30. Now one thing to note here is, the bullish and bearish signals are generated by looking at the aroon order that is at the top. Some beginner speculators get mystified and make short trades when aroon down word is at the bottom. The bearish trend signal is only produced when the aroon down text is above the 70 per cent level. Now one of the best parts about the aroon gauge, is that it helps to identify the range market. Most brand-new brokers lose coin in a reaching market, so indicators like these truly come in handy.

When the aroon up and aroon down paths are parallel to each other, the market is said to be in a stray. It means that there is no trend going on. And if you are a brand-new speculator, you should probably avoid taking new positions. Other ways to identify the strength of a trend, is to look at the two aroon lines. If aroon lines are far away from each other, there is a strong trend going on. And if they are very close to each other, the expenditure is probably consolidating at the moment. Now like I said, the Aroon indicator is really good when it comes to identifying the trending and ranging market, especially for a beginner. But just like other indicators, people have found new ways to use this indicator, as an entry signal generator. In this video, I have tested this 100 hours, utilizing one of the favourite aroon trading approaches. Here’s how the policy leads. The buy record signal is generated, when the aroon up is touching the 100 percentage celebrate, and aroon down is at 0 per cent. Similarly, the sell signal is generated, when the aroon down is at 100, and aroon up is touching the0 per cent mark. Some people likewise use 70 and 30 status to buy and sell, but those levels generate a lot of false signals.

So I have exercised 100 and 0levels to backtest, instead of 70 and 30. But if you have been watching the TradingRush channel for a while, you can tell, that this setup on its own can’t make money, because there is no way to identify the direction of the long term trend. If you sell on a smaller timeframe, you should ever pay attention to the trend direction of the higher timeframe. Otherwise, you will give sells in the opposite direction of the long term trend. The easiest style to identify the long term trend counselling is to use the 200 points moving average. If a price is above it. It’s an uptrend. If the expenditure is below it, it’s a down vogue. So here’s how the terminated qualified Maroon strategy extends. We will only buy, when the aroon up is at1 00, and aroon down is at 0, and the signal is generated when the cost is above the 200 spans moving median. And the authorities concerned will merely sell, when the aroon down at 100, and aroon up is at 0, and the premium is below the 200 points moving average. Since aroon gauge doesn’t give information about specifying the stop-loss, I have exploited the parabolic sar indicator to set the stop loss while testing the aroon indicator 100 experiences. Parabolic sar is an excellent indicator. If you have never heard about it, check out the parabolic sar video on the Trading Rush channel. And I have also experimented that indication 100 epochs to find its real acquire charge. You can find that video on the Official Trading Rush Website.

So, I experimented aroon trading programme one hundred times, here’s what happened. You can hinder the backtesting excerpt if you want to see each trade carefully. I apply the official trading scurry app for backtesting. You can use it while testing your policy as well. It will help you keep track of your commerces and will calculate everything in exactly one click. You can find it on the Play Store, or you can use the link in the description. While the backtesting clip is running, here are some important points, advantages and harms I discovered about the aroon indicator while testing it 100 times.

Number 1. When the aroon positions were separated and were far away from each other, the trend that was going on was strong. Most of the time, there was no consolidation when the aroon indicator was indicating a trend. When the price was in scope, the aroon ways were not on the opposite end of the Indicator.They were intersecting multiple times in a short time period. What this conveys is, thearoon benchmark employments enormous if you only use to determine the strength of a trend, and to find if the market is wandering or not.Number 2. The aroon indicator manipulated great as an entryway signal generator. Some swaps I witnessed were at the start of a new trend, or right at the chasten expiration of a pull away. But there is one problem with aroon indicator that sustain turning the profit into a loss. Number 3. The biggest drawback of this Aroon Setup is that the aroon benchmark doesn’t know when the trend is coming to an end or is stretched out too much. And it’s okay because aroon is made to find the start of a new direction and not the end. Most of the markets I lost while testing it 100 hours, were at the end of the trend, where there is indeed other signals of reversions.

This could be easily eschewed. To help to avoid trades at the end of a trend, you can use other indicators that do that job perfectly.I have met videos on these types of indications on thisTradingRush channel. Check it out if you demand. The best part about the MACD indicator video was one of them. So, after testing the aroon indicator as an entry signal generator, here’s what I detected. The earn frequency of aroon benchmark is approximately4 0 percentage. Since I tested other indicators with 1.5 to 1 reward peril ratio, on30 mins, and on Euro JPY pair, I have used the same criteria to exam this Indicator as well.

There were many other indicators that acted way better, than what thearoon show acted now. This strategy is a hit or miss strategy. In this backtest, the Aroon indicator didn’t lose coin but didn’t make money either.The maximum number of champions I went in a row was 4, and the peak number of damages in arow was 9. At one point, this strategy did become 1350 dollars. But then everything went downhill, and 1350 disappeared as I took more sells. If you are thinking about trading utilizing theAroon indicator, remember, Aroon is good when it comes to identifying the strength of a trend or to determine if the market is in a wander or not. When it comes to taking trades only based on entry signals given by the aroon indicator, you are better off with some other indicator. I have researched many other indicators 100 times of this path, some of them had excellent earn rates. If you want, you can watch them in the Trading Rush App, or on the Trading Rush Website, and some of them are still here on this TradingRushchannel. That’s all. Like the video if you liked it.Subscribe if you want to see more selling strategies measured multiple times to find their real win rate. Thanks to all the wonderful people who support Trading Rush on Patreon, you offset these videos possible, and I actually appreciate it. And thanks to everyone for watching.