hey !! you so today we will work with you actually and i will tell you how you can make money on forex but firstly you have to watch this video till the end because today we are working with the rsi indicator so actually the rsi is a technological indicator using the analysis of financial market it is intended to chart the current and historical backbones or weakness of software market based on the closing costs of a recent trading season so right now let’s take a look at the rsi indicator

I’m gonna play and right here on this button up gauges and here we have the central roster momentum veer volatility moving averages but in the section of popular here we have main indicators and the rsi where it is here relative concentration index of course here we have the cause what is rsi in my occasion i prefer change in classic uh facets um i prefer change simply the period in my event point is always time so everything is clear we can see it on the screen and apply so right now on the screen “your seeing”

Arizona actually we have here moving average moving medians the purple one is like right here and we have 70 percent height and 30 rank so our main task is to uh wait for two times the first moment for example when you see that the moving average of present trends like here in this position cross or hereof here or now whatever the moving averages crosses the 70 status and the direction of the moving average is falling down that is that moment to open production or vice versa you are waiting for the moment when the moving median of the trend crosses the 30 height but the direction of this moving average is growing up like here now now here we start

We click buy and open call option that is two basic moments how you can work with the rsa indicator actually this video is a short review about this indicator um personal for me i prefer to mix rsi for example with tables or um or candles um and other in moving norms so this is very interesting to mix the indicators moving averages um and that’s all but I’m waiting right now because i want to open uh my alternative okay so we see that moving medians in growing up and okay so you see i just opened 100 because here we have moving average across the 70 status and the direction is falling down uh by the way now we have uh robes we have auto clothing uh what it necessitates

Actually you may close um your bargains by yourself in appropriate time and you may um you may love it and it will be closed automatically actually um vehicle closing is the is the thing which closes automatically uh your distributes in relevant epoch and at this corner of the screen we have a multiplier allows you to increase your trader’s profit potential so uh for this video that it’s all thank you for your attention I’m waiting for your explains please share with me about your favorite indicator or maybe uh you like to mix two shows in your work which are today so share with me about it this is very interesting for me i’m waiting for your mentions for your shares for your likes thank you for your attention and see you in the next time