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When I post new videos every Wednesday, I’ve taught literally hundreds of people all around the world how to get targeted traffic to their websites and they’re all having amazing results. Now it’s your turn. So, let’s get into it in today’s video I’m going to share with you guys five traffic generation strategies that will help you get targeted traffic fast. We call this level one external traffic now there’s also another level level two which is our internal traffic. We’ll talk about that little later today, we want to focus on external traffic in helping you get traffic to your website as fast as humanly possible.


So, let’s get into it. So, as I said, there are five levels. The very first level is what we call influencer of media trafficking. This is where we go out and we contact different influencers on social media sites. For example, it could be Instagram, it could be Facebook snapchat YouTube. All of these platforms have big influencers that can actually move traffic. They have a lot of followers people that are following them now think about this. All of these influencers, you can bet have lists where they contact their subscribers. They nurture them. They stay in contact with them.


What? If what? If you could tap into those influencers list, what, if you could tap into the traffic that they’re generating every single day? I’D say that would be pretty incredible. You can actually access networks. You know there are networks out there that you can go to right now and they have listings of all the biggest influencers on different platforms. Again it could be, Facebook could be YouTube, could be Twitter, so, instead of you going out, I know what you’re thinking miles. I got it, I got to go out and find these people I got ta go out and search these enforcers. No, you don’t have to do it that way.


My friend, you can go to these large networks where they have repository large pools of influencers. In this way you can pick and choose you can test some of them out and see which one works for you see which one matches the niche that you’re in. So I think, that’s I think, that’s pretty cool our number two strategy and by the way is one of my favorites. It’s called a 24-hour media traffic. Now again, this is where you’re tapping into someone else’s list. I like to also call it OPL the difference, but this is the list that you’re tapping into these are other marketers. Just like you. These are people with lists of 10,000 subscribers 50,000 subscribers in some cases a hundred thousand subscribers and what you’re doing is you’re. Essentially, you could say renting their list you’re tapping in the der list.


They will send you traffic that they will send you clicks and at that point it’s really up to you to determine how many of those people gonna opt-in again, depending on how your landing page converts and how your capture pages all work together. So 24 hour traffic, we call it 24 hour traffic because essentially right now, just telling me shooting this video you’re you’re standing there or driving or listening watching me once you implement this strategy. Essentially you can start getting traffic within 24 to 48 hours. Again, there are different traffic agencies where you can also tap into.


You can go to a broker. You know we also call them solo ad vendor, so you can go to a broker or you can go directly to the solo ad vendor and you can access these marketers that have these huge lists so again you’re just tapping into someone else’s list. They are driving clicks to your link to your website and they can happen as soon as 24 to 48 hours our third strategy and is very similar to what I’m doing right now is social media traffic. Now the two platforms that I recommend that you test this one would be either Facebook or YouTube and all you’re doing my friend, all you’re doing is you are sharing.


You are sharing information on these platforms, for example, it could be Facebook, maybe you’ll, do a Facebook live, which I highly recommend by the way. So let’s say you do a Facebook live in the delivering value, your delivering content at the end of that content, you’re delivering you always want to include a call to action again. You might want to write that down, because I see a lot of people that are sharing good content, good value, which is great you.


You definitely want to do that. You don’t want to be pitching all the time. However, however, at the end of your valuable content, it’s very important that you do. Direct people have a call to action again if you’re, using these platforms to be Facebook could be YouTube. Well guess what my friend your goal is to get these prospects potential customers is to get them off of that platform and get them into your world. Maybe you send them to your blog, maybe used to them into your website. Maybe you send them to your YouTube channel, just like I’m doing here. So that’s an incredible strategy: hey guys before we move on this strategy number four! Let’s take a little pit stop! I want to make sure that you have a good understanding in your you’re following along with what I’m teaching you so listen.


Do me a favor comment below and let me know if you have a good understanding of website traffic generation for affiliate marketing and also how easy it is to get tons of traffic targeted traffic to your website daily. So, let’s continue with website traffic generation strategy. Number four display media. This is one of my favorites. This is something that I personally used when I jumped online over seven years ago, or so. This is really incredible, because what you can do you can take banners and you can place these banners on other people’s websites. You can place it on their blog.


You can also place it on your own website, but the cool part is check this out. The cool part is say, for example, someone has a blog and most people that have blogs they’re, also building a list so that blog owner may have a list of 50,000 people, a hundred thousand people and remember you’re, new okay, no to affiliate marketing. So we specialize here helping beginners, you’re new, so you’re looking to build your list you’re like miles. I don’t. I don’t have a list, nobody knows her or Who I am so what you can do?


Okay, you can contact. You can contact that blog owner. You know send them an email, talk to them and, first of all find out, they do have a list and let them know that you’d like to you like to tap in to their list. You know you and the blog owner can certainly work out a deal. It happens all the time. Another thing you can do, okay, which, again this is one of my favorite too, instead of looking for individual blog owners, which I know can be a little bit tedious. Okay, instead of looking for those blog owners, you can go to a network. You can go to a site that houses different websites, different blog owners, all unclosed in one house. You follow me so this way, instead of looking for a different blog owners, you can go to a site one of my favorite. By the way it’s called buy, sell, add so maybe I’ll put a link down at the bottom somewhere, it’s called, buy, sell ads. It’s a network, it’s a network of blog owners, web sites in all different niches, where you can go ahead and place.


Your banner okay place your banner okay on their site and you can pretty much siphon their traffic. So again, that’s one of my favorite ones and the final strategy I want to share with you guys today is PPC pay-per-click, also known as search media traffic. So the way you’ll leverage this strategy is by using Google Adwords, the Big Dawg, the Big Daddy. Google, yes – and I know some of you might be thinking some of you that are maybe a little more experienced you might be thinking miles.


I’ve tried I’ve, tried Market Market on on Google, okay and then they’re. Always they always shut down my ads or they don’t approve my ads. Okay, I’m gonna give you a little tip how you can get around it. I’M gonna give you a tip how you can get Google to love you, alright, so Google AdWords, that’s definitely one platform you want to use another one is Bing. This is the platform I used to use. Bing I like to call – I mean Google might not agree with me, but I’d like to call Bing Google’s little brother because a lot of times what I like to do I like to do my testing on bing. This way, if I can get my my my products and services to convert on bing, then I know I’m gonna be able to do it on Google as well.


You follow me because, again again, Google is the big dog. So again, if you can do it on the smaller platform um, I believe you’re gonna also have success on the bigger platform, the Big Daddy, which is Google. So so, let’s talk about Google AdWords for a minute and I’m not going to get into the mechanics. We don’t have time to talk about that I’ll save that for another video, but a quick tip and not just on Google AdWords guys, but you can use this anywhere listen. You know: you’re, probably net fillion, marketer you’re, watching this video, maybe you’re a network marketer. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a product or service. The problem I see with a lot of beginners is that they’re so focused on the product and I get it. I get it you’re brand new. You joined the company.


Okay, you don’t in network marketing company you’re excited about the product, or maybe you’re, maybe you’re, promoting on Clickbank or jvzoo. Okay, so you’re excited about that product or offer it could be something to deal with health. Health niche could be digital marketing. So what I want to tell you the way the professionals do this and I had to learn this the hard way, the way the professionals do it. We don’t focus necessarily on the product and they listen products important. You need to have something to sell, but we don’t necessarily focus on the product. What we do we focus on the offer now a light bulb should I just went off right now. So what am I talking about?


Well, a lot of people, some of the newer marketers I mean an experienced, not their fault. They end up driving traffic directly to a sales page directly to the offer. That’s the wrong way to do it. Okay and again, some may have been trained or taking the course or something and they will drive traffic to a capture page a landing page. You know catching that subscribers information, which is very important and then they send what they offer. That’s a little bit better. A little bit better, but it’s the psychology behind what they’re doing they’re, not understanding that listen people are not necessarily focused on the product as a matter of fact guys. Most people that are buying products and services.


They really don’t want the product or service they want. The result you follow me: they want the result that that product can elicit sort of like you know the old thing with them. You buy a drill because you want to you want to make a hole in the wall, so it really was all about the hole in the wall. It’s not so much about about the drill, so we can use that same analogy in our marketing and you should use that same analogy and you’re marking all the time. So when you create your custom, landing page which stick around on this channel, you learnt all about that when you create your custom landing page your offer that should be based on the result you follow me. The landing page should not reflect necessarily the product.


Don’t get to the product, what we want to focus on guys is the result. So by now you should have a better understanding of website traffic generation for affiliate marketing, but if you want to go deeper, learn even more, I created a four part: affiliate marketing training series for beginners, where I go into even more detail and I really break down The two levels of traffic, the internal, the external, really break it down for you, you can get access to it by clicking on the link in the description below also, if you’d like to join a community of affiliate marketers. Just like you beginning their online journey.


I’d created an exclusive private Facebook group, just for you or I like to share tips and strategies, have some bonuses in there they’re really helping explode your business in 2020 and beyond you’ll find a link below in the description where you can join our Facebook group. Hey guys before I in this video I’m going to share something with you. I want to give you a little bonus tip, something that I really think you should remember, and that is not all traffic is equal. Listen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s organic, which we can call free traffic or pay traffic. Not all traffic is equal. So it’s important that when you create your marketing, when you create your landing pages or capture page as some people, I like to call it it’s important that you do focus on the result: okay, not necessarily products important.


We need to have something to sell, but you want to focus on the benefit of that product. The result that people are looking for, hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video and if you did go ahead and hit that like button leave me a comment subscribe to the channel and go ahead and share this video with your friends.