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3 Proven Swing Trading Strategies (That Work)




What’s up my friend so in today’s video I’ll share with you tree shaking trading strategies that you can use to profit in the financial markets doesn’t matter whether you’re trading Forex capitals or whatever right these strategies can be applied to the same so “re ready” then let’s begin okay now before I begin right.

I want to explain to you what is fluctuating trading because some of you are wondering how you know what is swing trading right so let me explain to you speedily so shaking trading the idea is just to capture one swing in the market so, for example, let’s say the market is in an array okay so over here you can see that there are swings in this range this is a swing right this is a swing this is another swing and this is another swing right

So similarly in a trend-right, you would verify sways in a trend as well so this is let’s say an uptrend right this is one swing this is another swing another shake another swing and another swing you get my time right so swaying seller right basically right what you’re trying to accomplish is to capture merely one swing in the market that’s it one swing so here’s an example so, for example, this grocery is in a series and let’s say you know you are a swing trader and you buy support rightly by over here at this area of support so when will you exit your business well as a swing merchant it usually departs your swap before the defensive pressure comes in right let me repeat that once again as a changing buyer you typically depart your commerce before the fight adversity comes

In so if you are long right where is the opposing pressure the pit pressing is traders who are looking to sell so where will traders be looking to sell right if you look at these probabilities are merchants will be looking to sell at this status right this resist or swaying high-pitched title so you want to exit your long crafts before this opposing pressure kicks in so this means that you go long near the lows and you try to capture this one swing right exiting your trade before this area of resistance, okay and likewise if your short-lived world markets at this resistance right you want to exit your transactions before this area of support, okay so this is the core idea behind shaking trading and moving on

I want to share with you tree swaying trading policies that you can use to profit in the markets the first one is what I announce stuck in a carton where the expenditure is pretty much stuck in a series stuck in a carton right same to what you’ve seen earlier so this the core idea here is is that the market is in a stray right you want to buy low-toned and sell high so how you go about doing it is to let the premium come in to an area of value an area of support okay and cause the expenditure reject the lower premiums so this as you can see right is rejecting lower expenditures over here right the market at one point in time it was trading lower and lower and lower and then suddenly the buyers step in and propagandize press the whole way up higher and finally closing near the high-flowns over here so this right is a swing trading setup for you to actually going somewhere so when this happens when you view a price rejection of the lows of support okay you can look to get long right on a mix candle right and look to set your stop loss right ideally a distance away from this locker because you’d want to set it and the precise low-toned because

it’s very common for the premium to just take out the previous low like this one over here take out this low and this can go over here take out this low over here so you don’t sell my shares merely below it or because there’s a good chance that you might get stopped up before the price switch in your preferences so what I’ll recommend is that you know to give it some distance write some buffer situated it somewhere around here right somewhere about here and you can enter annex candles open somewhere now so now your goal as a move merchant is to capture one swaying so now the question is where is the opposing pressure likely to come in right if you ask me right likelihoods are it would come in somewhere about here right somewhere about here

So if you gaze left right there is some resistance over here so you want to make a profit somewhere about here right and as you can see in this example this one the market didn’t reach far enough right before I altered back into this area of support and then finally the second attempt it did thump your target earning so depending on how you cope your commerce this could be a break-even trade a small winner or even a loser right so.

I’m not going too much detail into trade management because there would be a video for another time but I precisely want to share with you the core concepts of swing trading so the other one is what I announce catch the wave so this is use right when the market is in an uptrend right when the market is tending you’re trying to epoch your entry and capture simply one swing in an uptrend and one thing to point out right is that in an uptrend okay there are multiple sways as a shake seller if you ask me I’ll see your best chance of you are familiar with writing a creek is to capture the moves right that are consistent with the Train so you can see that the moves that are in line with the trend.

I generally stronger privilege stronger title this component is stronger then this comes to Trade move this segment over here is stronger than this come to Train move so you usually want to treat with the move right then it’s in line with the trend I call this the trending move okay and how we can go about doing it is again over here right I’ve just pull out the 50 age moving average in an app teach if it’s in a health uptrend right the market tends to you know to bounce off the 50 ma so it’s being shown on this blue line over here so what it can do is that wait for the price to come to an area of value which is this 50 season moving median and again look for a form of a price rejection it can be a mallet it can be a what I call a buoyant engulfing blueprint, etc.

So in this case you’ve got somewhat of a buoyant engulfing pattern notice the premium came in right at one point in time was near the 50 stages moving average and then the buyers stepped in and finally you know pushed the toll higher closing near the high-pitched right as a speculator you can look to get long again stop-loss so I give you some buffer below this low somewhere now record over here right and then you can look to exit your market right only statement for this swing high-pitched again we mentioned exiting your commerce right before the defend pressing kickings it and this over here

If you as Mira is where potential marketers could come in so you want to exit your business just before the waver high ideally somewhere about here okay so you can see that you have in essence what you’ve done in this right is just to capture one swing in this in this uptrend, okay so this is the second strategy catch the load and the final program I wanna share with you is a little bit more I’m so he’s more aggressive freedom but still it’s it offers a positive risk to honor on your trade if you don’t execute it correctly

So it’s what I announce fit the move right so this is actually a counter direction tree okay so because right when the market is veering right and if it has actually traveled quite a distance right towards the swing high-pitched towards fight epoch it’s actually opportunity for you to actually take a come to trend trade but I’ll share with you a little on how to manage this type of trick because if you’re not careful the cost can actually reverse rapidly against you so in this in this case right you can see that this market is in an uptrend right and price right actually came and retest back towards this swinging high over here notice it tripped quite a bit right from this swinging low-toned the whole way up into this swing high and then next can a shoot or rejected anatomies a bearish engulfing blueprint in the market breakdown in the reverse level but prior to leave prior to this right if you think about this right at one point in time the market as he was breaking out higher down buyers who really going or rather when long on the shatter of this highs right because they are to me hey the market is ending alright serviceman

I better extend long the Trade is up I require along to break out how to catch the next move further higher I’d want to miss the drill and then what happened well who the next Kendall it did a 180-degree reversal towards the downside that’s why you got this is a bearish engulfing structure and now this group of brokers who croaked long girlier who went long on a breakup and now caught right because the markets they imagined is good up higher and then a reverse against them unexpectedly so they are now captured.

So this group of sellers right where will they throw their stop-loss fortunes are their stop losses perhaps right somewhere here here or even below this jive low-pitched over here so what happens is that as the rate collisions lower you would actually touched this assemble of stop-loss right but from the break-up traders and they will fuel further selling push so that’s the logic behind this subterfuge so what you can do is that when you see this a pattern where the rate did a Falls break liberty you can go shot on the next Kendall’s open again stop-loss right you can positioned it great distances apart this high from this highs right in anticipation that you can capture one fluctuating down back towards this sway low-toned over here merely a quick one swing down so now as I mentioned right this directly is a counter-trend trade it’s slightly more aggressive than the earlier ones because you are trading against the trend so for market conduct what I intimate in in this instance is that you don’t want to hold your gimmicks for too long so what often.

I do is that if the rate separates and close let’s say for example let’s say this candle where we are currently looking at this candle if it undermines and closes above this candle is high anyway okay I will depart the swap because I know I’m trading against present trends I don’t want to overstay my I don’t know you know remain too long or if you show signs of reversal hazards are right the pullback

My purpose and the trend would continue itself so this is where my market control comes in it has become still more I would say conservative right off my trillings ah so it will be tighter, in this case, alright so this is what I call fit the move so for the earlier traits right let’s say like catch the ripple in this case right so in this instance right you can be a little bit more.

I’ll say giving your stop loss more room to breathe because after all you’re trading with the trend so there are a few ways you can go about it number one you can use this marketplace arrangement as long as the lower high remains intact you can hold on to the treat to the price stumbles your target advantage or you can also you know use a trail stop loss coming right to trillion stop-loss right until the toll smacks your target profit because after all this one you’re trading with present trends whereas this one over here the finishing move right you do want to over welcome your state your trading against the trend you want to get out right when the market is starting to show signs of a fiber right in the direction of the Trade

Okay so with that said right let’s do a super speedy summary right what you’ve learned today number one we talked about the swing trading policy which is called stuck in a container where the market is in stray and a buy low-toned and you wanna sell high we spoke catch the motion right for trending business on how to capture a jive ideally moved the long at the area of value like the moving average, for example, I said with you earlier it’s the 50 intervals moving average and then exiting your detect before the swing high and finally this is a counter-trend trade fitnah move where world markets obligate us strong rally into key defiance or key stage and then went accepted right you can take a shot position right and capture a sway down lower and see whether you know you can get a swing down lower thereby profiting from merchants who long from the break-up okay so with that said right

I’ve you know if you wanna learn more about what I do you can go down to my website over here trading with Rainer calm right selling with Rainer that come right rain ice mining now you should know that right and you can scroll down a little bit and have a couple of trading navigates over here right so one is called the eventual guidebook to Train following where I’ll share with you practical trading procedures right know how to write big-hearted trends and market and then the eventual expenditure activity the ultimate leader to premium war trading on how to better time your entries and departs alright these two guys free right simply sounds the blue-button right and I’ll send it to your email address for free, okay so that’s it I have come to the end of this video.

I hope you find it insightful if you did write could you delight you know hit the like right and subscribe to my youtube channel and if there’s anything right there you want to ask me or any questions leave it in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to help well that’s it liberty I’ll talk to you soon you

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