So you’re looking for more information about Epic Trading well in this video, I’m going to be giving you an honest Epic Trading Review, I’m going to be talking about what it is and how it wields all right. So you unquestionably want to stick with me all the way through this video. So you don’t miss anything now.


My name is Rakeem Addison and if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel go ahead and crush that subscribe button likewise click that buzzer icon. If you want to learn how to build a long, sustainable business that will give you the freedom you deserve all right. So with that tell me anything, I’m gonna go ahead and minimize my camera and we’re gonna prance title into today’s content, all right so epic, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. Today, I’m going to be giving you a 10 000 paw outline, little literally breaking down what it is, how it labors, what they have to offer right, I’m gonna dispose it all out here in this video all right, so, let’s get into it so epic.


What does the epic actually stand for? It expressed support for extraordinary people, incredible compensation and we’re going to get into all that. You know how it works you make money, the different ways and you are well aware actually referring you know, learning and applying a skills and abilities, because at the end of the day, that’s what it certainly comes down to all right all right. So, let’s get into it all right. So when we go down right, you can see it says, shouldn’t you be first at least once in their own lives, I’m sure we all wish we. You know we invested in bitcoin when it firstly started. I’M sure there is a desire to we invested in apple. I’m sure there is a desire to. We endowed and most of the things that literally have took off all right. I’M sure we wish we were all firstly all right all right, so let’s go ahead and move on down all right. So what is epic all right? So epic is a world companionship that provides the environment for beings of all backgrounds of all backgrounds.


To learn a lifelong skill set of trading okay, um trading is something that can be done right as far as forex. You can also be applying this same trading. Skill um in crypto right. So this is a skill that, formerly you learn this skill literally , nobody can take that talent away from you understand that and if you know anything about, if you’ve been watching me for quite some time, um or if you’re brand-new, i just want to let you know, I talk a lot about that now on this direct, because skills and abilities and mindset are really the two things that are going to drive you to get the results that you’re looking for all right.


So this is a lifelong skill, all right another thing and we’re going to jump into the leadership right, the people that are behind this because i feel, like you, know anything that you’re getting involved in you want to know the executive leadership behind it. Okay, so this team has more than 100 years of successful business and mlm experience. Okay, we’ll get onto we’ll we’ll get into why the second largest component is a little bit more important as well all right all right, so you got the top traders and coaches in the industry. Too, this is a hundred percent indebtedness free corporation, okay, 100 obligation, free there’s! No debt: it’s not something! You know something that they’re worried about right. They don’t have zero pay zero. Okay. So let’s continue to move on down all right.


So here’s the leadership as i was talking about right, so you want to know who’s behind the company. So this right here, Mr. David McCovey, he is the founder right. The boy um so with David, has been successful in multiple different companionships he’s a top earner. He also started his own fellowship back in 2015. It was a travel company that did over 200 billion dollars in sales right. So it’s a lot of success coming from the founder himself um, so he definitely has the experience. So the hundred years that i talked about was all of these people now, compounded over a hundred years worth of experience and successful business and also direct sales, affiliate market network marketing that part gap okay, all right, so we got. I talked about David, so we got spencer, Iverson right.


Another person who has 26 plus times uh in direct sales, all right same thing with stigmatize sterling um he’s the vp of auctions uh, Mr. David Lisciaga. He did he does the biz dev uh, Mr. Jonathan green he’s actually a uh computer engineer by trade right so he’s the global master, ambassador, um and then, of course, miss miss uh tutor max, alright, so coach max she’s, the director of forex training right.


So most of the training um is gonna, be this. It’s gonna be pretty much orchestrated by her okay. She has a lot of experience when it comes to forex uh. Most of these beings has already been payed most of the people who are on the board. Have at least made seven people or more okay. So that’s that’s something that you want to keep in mind. These people have a lot of event and when you, when you’re talking about lead, you want to make sure that they can truly lead. Okay, that these parties actually have a vision. A spate of that frisks a big role and another thing that dallies a big role, which is why i registered this is being that the fact that you can actually appreciate who’s actually behind this particular company.


Okay, all right! So that’s the leadership, so let’s go ahead and move down all right. So what is forex so forex is foreign exchange literally you’re, buying and selling crypto. Why crypto currencies currencies what whatever um you are well aware, whatever style of trading um, you decide to go with all right. So that’s what you’re doing this is literally worked daily by your banks, central bank, institutional investors and many people. Who’ve learned the knowledge of trading okay, it’s literally a portable skill that will benefit you. I has spoken about that earlier. If you have a skill set , no one can take that from you all right and also one other thing you want to take into um. Take into account it’s the largest financial market in the world countries, literally a 6 trillion per era sell all right.


So you got a lot of fund moving uh in the forex mart, so that that right there is key all right and then another thing you want to pay attention to is that it controls 24 hours per day and five days a week. Okay, that’s how the that’s usually when the market is actually open, all right, so that’s just one uh, you know give you a little bit a little bit more extra information all right, so let’s go ahead and move down to the services. Now, what is it that they’re actually going to be giving you? What do they offer all right? So you got live seminars right, so these live discussions is where you’re going to be able to literally discover what the top traders are doing. How are they entering the market?


How are they exiting the market um, you know, what’s their spirit chassis when they’re trading right you’re going to be able to see the differences between policies that they use and with that, as i said, when you start to implement you’re going to kind of form, you are well aware, What’s comfortable for you when it comes to trading right and that’s what this really all comes down to, you being able to get this talent and be in control of your own destiny and literally be able to do this anywhere in the world that “you’ve been” require To all right, so that’s why skill set is key, all right, um the live discussion, so we talked about that the daily signals, so, while you’re doing live discussions and you’re watching the top sellers out there do their thing and and school you at the same time.


Too, while you got the epic university right, while you’re going through that improve, you’re also going to be receiving daily signals, so these signals is likely to be things that you can actually use to actually either going to be home the live business or, if you’re , not if you’re , not that Comfortable to do that more, then you can actually go to the demo right. So it’s going to benefit you either way right, because you can do it in the demo and be seen to what extent it labor, but if you do it live I’m not. This is that this is not a guarantee that, when you use those signals, you’re gonna make money every single time, because i don’t believe in giving you the wrong anticipation right with anything that you do. It compels hard work, faithfulness and you actually putting the work in okay, all right so 2 weeks, syllabus. So what think of this kind of like college right when you get your two weeks?


Well, you don’t get a two-week syllabus right, you get your syllabus and then it plans out everything. It goes to show, the resources and all of that material. That’s what the two-week syllabus is gonna do okay and then, of course, the market forecast. So when are the um, you know the technical uh analysis: when are they entering the market? How are they exiting the market right, you’re gonna get all of that datum. Um you’re gonna get all of that as the services offered that are gonna help provide. All claim all right, so that is um. That is the services that you receive and then the other thing is the communities all right. So you got telegram groups um, and then you got all these other groups um that you’ll have access to so you’ll. Have you know people who are trying to learn the skill set and here i am thinking when you know likeminded people um you know, are collaborating right.


There’s a lot of power in that and there’s a lot of energy. You know and being around people who are kind of on the same wavelength all right. So that’s all key all right. So let’s continue to move on down all right so now we’re about to make a transition.


Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and read this disclaimer, because i feel like it’s very important, that i settled this out, because i am about to talk about income. Okay, because the first, the first access that i was registered you is how you’re actually going to profit from employing um. You know from uh from learning the skills and abilities of trading okay, but now I’m about to transition to how you can share this with other parties and actually benefited benefit from it as well. Okay, so I’m going to read this so epic cannot and will not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with our program, information tools or policies. So there isn’t any guarantees that you will make anything okay legally, i have to say that.


Okay, the design honors you for selling products and services to purchasers. While the opportunity is unlimited, individual results will um. Individual makes will certainly differ depending on numerous influences, such as commitment level, individual campaign and marketing skills. Okay, so that right there is key. I just wanted to get that out of the way and one thing imma time skip down now to the bottom. It says success with this company result. Success with the company results only from active participation, successful market efforts which do compel cultivate, commitment and earnestness on your percentage.


Now you witness the fraction that says successful marketing exertion and then up here says marketing talents. I got you covered with the marketing knowledge. I got a bonus for the people who decide hey. You know, after i evidence you this compensation plan, and you know you know you get as fired up as i am about it then you’re going to actually get access to a direction. That’s valued at nearly 700. So literally, it’s sold for 697 you’re gonna get that free. When you lock in your position today. Okay, all right! So let’s go down we’re gonna get into the compensation plan all right. So now we go so we got the epic compensation proposal all right. So this is going to be for the people who want to build so, if you’re, a builder right, you’re a commander out there and you understand how to move parties, you understand how to get things rocking and wheeling.


As I do right, then this is gonna. Be for you, okay, so here we go so there’s four ranks right: there’s benefactor, representative icon and epic all right, so I’m gonna go ahead and go over the baseline, which is right here. This is where you get three and it’s free. So basically, what that entails is even if you’re one of the people who says you know i want to focus on trading precisely right. That’s whatever it is you would like to concentrate on and you’re. Looking at this and it’s interesting to you, then if you get three parties, you got a free education, so you have a free, forex education from six seven and eight anatomy earners.


Okay, that right there is valuable and, like i said, you’ll, be able to focus on your skills and abilities for the people who building. This is a little bit more familiar to you, okay, so boom you got your three it’s free. Now, let’s move on to the people who say you know I’ll, be okay with 500 a month right, so boom every grade has to have at least three okay. Personally, you have to sponsor precisely three: that’s it all right now, let’s move on to the numbers, so for you in order to better for you to earn 500 a few months, that is ten total beings on your squad. Remember you have three personal, but you have to have ten. As a entire, okay, so we’re talking about on your first leg, that’s four!


That’s four again on your second leg and then two on your third leg that right there is going to earn you 5. 500 a month. Okay, let’s move on to a thousand dollars a month, so in order for you to get a thousand dollars a month, that’s 30 30 customers, um that you have right here: 12, on your first leg, 12, on your second leg and six on your third leg. All title, that’s going to earn you a thousand now just with 500 to a thousand dollars a month. That would definitely change most people’s place right now, and and i can assure you that right because most people simply to give them that little bit of nudge right. If they can do that right and this is more on the building side claim they can learn trading and be able to do some of this substance as well, but for the makes this right here i understand, would genuinely deepen most people’s situation right now, with only Five hundred to a thousand dollars a few months: okay, alright, so we’re gonna move on to ambassador now envoy.


We can see right off the at-bat total squad. Representatives is 500, so that’s 500 customers, 200 on one leg: 200, on the other leg and 100 on your third leg that right there is going to pay you 10 000 per month, okay, 10, 000 per month and representative leads from 10 000 per month. Up to 50 000 per month, then you got icon, so icon is thousand dollars. I intend not five thousand uh five thousand um customers, two thousand two thousand and one thousand that’s a hundred thousand dollars per month, okay, which is twenty five thousand dollars per week, and that offers the whole way up to 500 000 per month. Of course you got to follow the disintegrations here and then, of course, the last rank, which is epic, okay, so epic, you have to have 75 000 patrons, 30 k on one leg: 30 k, on the second leg and uh 15 k on the third leg. So we’re talking about 250 000 a week and 1 million dollars per month. Now I’ve been online since 2014 and honestly, I’ve never seen a comp programmer go past a hundred thousand dollars.


Okay and I’ve been online. That’s that’s been quite a while all right. This is actually the first time I’ve actually find it right so that right there is huge right, so it it. It obviously arouses you when you, when you see something like that, all right all right, so that is the compensation plan, pretty simple um and “what i m trying to” do real, speedy um is. I want to go over here um to this page right here, because i talked about what you’re receiving so i want to talk about um, because today is September 1st.


Okay, so for the entire month of September, is going to be 19.99, as you can see here now. This is what you’re getting your epic pre-enrollment. Investment includes access to more than 60 live trading and training sessions throughout the month of September, from documented and talented forex sellers, a great value for literally 20 horses, chaps 20 horses and you’re getting access to six seven and eight person merchants right. So you got to think about that for only 20 bucks for an entire month now, on October 1st, the rate will go to 99 a month. That will be the official lunch.


This right here is prelaunch right and one and, as i said, um in in the video earlier, i talked about being first okay and you have the opportunity to be first at something right. So this is your chance, so i will say this is a time confidential. Video okay! So that’s 19.90! 99, a month now i like, i said i got a bonus for you, okay, because you’re probably like okay. Well, if i am going to build right, perhaps you don’t want to talk to the random guy at Starbucks. You don’t want to tell your friends and family about this right. You just wanted to. You require a real way for you to market this thing and actually get beings outlook and something that you know they can literally learn a skill set and be in control of their own destiny. Okay, so what i like, i said, i got a bonus. Let’s actually go over here, so you’re gonna get access to this course.


This track costs 697 dollars regularly. Okay, what we’re gonna do what we decided to do on a squad we’re going to give you this course for free when you lock in at this price right here: okay, when you lock up at this rate you’re going to get access to this. This route is going to help you learn how to really do youtube. Rank videos get beliefs while you snooze and literally be able to build your business you’re not going to have to depend on the random guy at Starbucks or writing. Writing your material on a napkin and all the other.


You know you know the the play the game things that you know they just don’t work right and they’re , not they’re , not something that that that’s going to be duplicatable right and we want to be able to build this thing out, and i feel like this right here Is going to help you to be able to do that? Alright, so, like i said this is a 697 dollar YouTube track. This is literally going to show you what you need to be able to get out there and utterly crush this all right. So now the question is: how do you actually get started? So what you’re going to do right, there’s going to be a link down below you’re, going to see right here it says prelaunch. Now I’m going to go ahead and sound that now what you’re looking for is over there freedom. So you see it says epic ibo enrollment. What you’re looking for is the enroller id, so I’m zooming in privilege. Now, that’s what you’re looking for title! There referral marriage, name, Rakeem, Addison, okay.


Now, if somebody shares this with you, if they’re on my team or anything like that, make sure you get with them to get the correct, enroller id all right. So what you want to do you want to go ahead and fill in the given name. Last-place mention: firm: firm, uh: you know phone number, birthdate um is moving forward and fill out all the admin data make sure you put your username right here, is moving forward and get your email verify your email and then, of course, threw all your rest of your admin data. Such as your um address and then of course create yourself a password now, as i said, there’s the prelaunch price right there, prelaunch 19.99 for the whole entire month of September October.


1St comes the toll goes to 99 per month. All privilege well, last, step you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead and click here. Click here sounds all the boxes go ahead and form your name as the signature and hit the next button. When you do that, then you really continuously go throughout the process, so that is literally how you get started uh with epic trading. Hopefully this review was valuable and if it was go ahead and give me a thumbs up.


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