Hello, everyone welcome back to my new video here and today we’re gonna work on forex. So this video is tutorial for you. I will give you a short explanation of uh, some things that you need to know and that’s all so. Um check this out. Uh right now, I’m gonna click on right here and actually here. We have the list of trading instruments. And I’m gonna explain you in few words about each of them, so krita. Actually, what is it? Um actually cryptocurrency chart attracts the movement uh the movement of 100 uh cryptocurrencies.


Okay, so cfd is a tradable instrument that mirrors the movements of the assets underlying it digital right. Here. What we have digital option is is an option whose payment is fixed after the underlying stock exceeds strike, price and options. Actually it is a financial option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all with the loss of the original investment and the last one is forex, so i guess that everyone knows, that forex is the largest exchange marketing, which currencies are traded so right now, we’re gonna Work uh with forks actually one for it.


Okay I’m gonna pick up four eggs uh from the list. Of trading instruments and the next thing that you need to do is team um to to select the appropriate asset that you would like to work with and I’m going to click on hero usd here. You have all my numbers. I mean that uh, my amount it is always 100. You have to select the appropriate multiplier and don’t to pick up out the closing bottom option. So here everything you have okay, but we will work today with I’m gonna show you so here you can choose um each indicator that. You would like to work with, but I’m gonna choose the rsi indicator.


Okay, apply: oh oops rsi indicator, so we have some settings: and I’m gonna change, it: okay, 15, 7532, thickness, medium, medium and medium, okay, apply so. Basically on the screen. I remember you have you need to work with arista indicator, so um here we have uh the purple line and two levels actually purple line is the moving average of the trend and um. Here we have two levels: green levels and, uh, okay, I’ve just bought call option; i’ll explain you. Why and red level? So when you see that the moving average of the trend process, the green level and the direction of the purple line of the moving average of the trend is growing up so that is good moment for you for open for buying call option.


Vice versa, when you see, for example, moving average of the trend crosses the red level and the direction of the moving average of the trend is falling down, that is good moment for a buying call option. That’s all! That’s all that you need to know but on forex. You can close your deal by yours may close, it may be closed automatically by these settings or you may close it by yourself.


The one thing that you need to know is that you have to wait for a while or not for a while because. It is just like long-term position: you know you’re, just waiting for a moment when you can close it. So you can see all the setting sum, not the settings, all the signals when you can close it right here by yourself and actually. That is how work uh work, uh, works forex and um. I just remember you that how you canto uh, how you can work with the arisa indicator if. You have some questions, let them on your comments uh. Under the video there will be some useful tips and links for you guys.


Don’t don’t be lazy to click on them, so um? Thank you for your attention. I hope that everything will be quite good and you will have all that you need. I mean working on the iq option platform, so thank you for your attention and see ya on the next time. Bye you