Before i show you all of that, i just wanted to give an introduction to myself. My name is Michael Mansell and yes, i was about to show you there how i was transferring over seven thousand dollars from my hyper wallet, which is the commission wallet that epic trading uses directly into my bank account, and i will get to that here. In a little bit, but i just wanted to start off with the idea that a lot of people are skeptical and i get it the fact that you’re watching this video means you’re doing your due diligence you’re doing your research.


Maybe you heard of epic trading from somebody online. Maybe you saw it in an email and you’re here. Searching for answers. You’re wondering is epic trading for real I’ve. Seen other programs, I’ve maybe even seen another forex program. Is this the real deal? Well, i did this video specifically to show you guys. This is the real deal and I’m showing you the money right i got ta show you exactly the money that is earned. Now I’m going to be focusing in this video on the commission side, the referral side of epic trading, but the product is all about forex trading. It teaches you forex trading, there’s the epic university which teaches you exactly how to trade the forex market profitably.


There’s the live sessions, there’s the syllabus and there are those daily signals that are coming in for our team members, and on top of that, if that wasn’t enough, i have my own private epic amp stars trading chat where you can get help from all of my Expert traders and get additional information in the know, the information that you need on a daily basis on how to be profitable in the forex market. But let’s get back to that money from the referral side, it’s only been a little bit since epic trading has launched when I’m uploading this video and I’m already withdrawing thousands of dollars in this video here. So, let’s take a look at me withdrawing that seven thousand dollars from my hyper wallet all right.


So, let’s log into my epic trading account with my username and password there we’re just going to log into my account and you’ll be able to see now. I’M logging into my hyper wallet, so epic trading transfers the money from your epic trading account and sends it to your hyper wallet. This is connected to your. You know: uh tax id number social security number and, as you can see here, I’ve received several payments. So far, and i have a total balance currently of 7 fifty four dollars and I’m going to transfer this to my bank account. So it’s just sitting in my hyper wallet right now and i want to transfer it to my bank account now. I’ve already set up my bank account. You can set up multiple bank accounts in here.


This is my affiliate marketing pros bank account and they do charge you one dollar to transfer it. So i let a few commissions build up and then i go ahead and transfer it just to only pay that one dollar one time and so I’m gonna put in the seven thousand three hundred and fifty three dollars less the one dollar transfer fee there and I’M going to submit that so i literally all i do is click submit on this and just like that successful transfer to my bank account and then within a couple of business days, i logged into my wells Fargo account and yep sure enough. There was the money that i transferred from my hyper wallet, so epic trading pays out commissions every single Friday. They do pay weekly, so the commissions that you earned the prior week. They will pay out the following Friday and so every Sunday evening they run the ranks they see where everybody is ranked at and based on those ranks.


You get your weekly commission check, so there’s no waiting. You know 30 days to be paid out on this program. 60 days we get paid out every single week and we find out what our paycheck is going to be on Sunday night, based on our current ranking of the compensation plan, I’m not going to go into detail on the compensation plan in this video, but i can You can see here right here on the screen, how there is a full-blown chart, showing you exactly how many people you need in your organization. How many members you either personally had to refer yourself or your team members have referred in and based on those numbers. You’re going to get a certain dollar amount put into your epic trading account and then from there you can withdraw those dollars directly to your hyper wallet and from hyperwallet.


You can go choose to spend them immediately if you have their virtual card or their physical card. That you can go and spend or pull money out from an atm machine or you can do like i do, which i just transfer it to my bank account. My US bank account that’s an international company, so they do pay out across the world. For me in the united states, I’m transferring this out to my wells, Fargo account and the money is there ready for me to spend pay bills, do whatever i want to do with it. So that’s coming in in a weekly basis, and it’s growing week after week. After week and i wanted to show you guys that that is absolutely real now everybody doesn’t have the experience that i have, and that is why i have set up my affiliate marketing pros bonuses for all of my epic trading team members.


So if you join either personally through me or one of my team members, you’re gonna get access to my entire suite of tools, marketing assets, my traffic rotator and many many more tools to help you succeed, because, if you’re, just starting out in this industry, it Can be a little rough if you’ve not had experience referring people to a product or a program to buy online if you’ve not had experience, building a team or generating leads or converting. Those leads you’re going to have a little bit of a learning curve and during that learning curve i didn’t want you guys to sit there idle and worst case scenario. You sit there and just do nothing right. So what I’ve set up is one of my biggest and most popular bonuses is a traffic rotator. So every single person that comes in through me or one of my team members gets one position in that traffic rotator and the simple you know idea behind a traffic rotator is that I’m generating hundreds of thousands of clicks to my website every single day right, like I’ve got traffic just going and going and going to my pages from YouTube Facebook solo ads paid ads banner ads. Uh google ads google seo rankings.


I mean you name it. I have really mastered traffic over the years, and so i have a rotation basis because i don’t need all those signups myself personally in epic trading. You only need three personal referrals to max out the compensation plan. So what i did is i set up a traffic rotator, and so, when you click on the link in the description of this video, you say: hey, Michael I’m, ready to go, I’m ready to join. When you click on that link, you may go to my link or you may go to one of my team members links that it gets rotated to so the traffic comes in and i have software that runs and it equally rotates that traffic to every single position. In my rotator and one of those positions could be yours in the future if you choose to join through the link in this description. So literally, if you join through me or somebody, that’s already on my team, you’re gonna get access to get into the rotator as a free bonus.


You’re not going to pay a dime for getting a position in the rotator and for those that are really serious about generating traffic. I do have some additional co-op traffic upgrades that you can purchase to purchase more positions in that traffic rotator, but that’s one of my most popular bonuses that i offer and rightfully so, because most people struggle with getting eyeballs on their referral link. They say man, that’s really great, Michael, that you can. You started earning ten thousand twenty thousand dollars a month in epic trading, but i’m just starting out. If i started you know making two thousand dollars a month. I would be super happy. If that’s you, then you need traffic, you need eyeballs.


You can’t just rely on friends and family to build your business now. Should you go tell your friends and family absolutely, but you can also leverage the power of my traffic from my Facebook ads my Facebook posts. My YouTube videos just like this one right here and get quality, targeted traffic sent to your referral link and they would become your personal referral, which is super powerful. So if you’re thinking about joining epic trading, stop thinking about that period, it’s real it’s legit! I just showed you proof in me: withdrawing funds directly to my bank account beyond that. You need to take a serious look at who you’re joining with. Are you going to join just with somebody that you know is referring you to ebit trading great you’re, going to do okay, you’re going to do good?


I don’t know you know what your work ethic is your determination, your learning ability is, but you’re still joining with a great company. If you really want to amp up and excel and really thrive in this industry, then i encourage you to join either through myself directly or one of my team members by using the link in the description of this video, create that epic trading account only 99 to Get started right now and then after you get your first three personal referrals you’ll be offered the option to upgrade to an ibo and get started today like get access as soon as you get in. You can private message me and say: hey Michael here’s.


My id number i just created my epic trading account and i will give you access to all of my bonuses and the full list of my bonuses is in the description of this video so be sure to go and check that out. But look I’m super passionate about the forex trading market because it’s a six trillion dollar industry like money, is being exchanged every single day. Wouldn’t you like to stick your toll booth in the flow of some of that money?


That’s what you learn inside of epic trading and then, instead of my affiliate marketing pros membership area, which is going to be a bonus to you, you’re going to get access to all the tools and systems and skills and marketing platforms that you need in order to Become a successful affiliate, marketer network marketer online income generator. So if you’re as amped as i am for you to join, then click the link in the description of the video below, i cannot wait to welcome you into the amp family.


I have a private telegram chat where i help my people. My people help my people and it’s just an amazing community of people and, as you can see here on the screen, I’ve got people that are ranking up every single day and i want you to be one of those people that are next to rank up increase. Your paycheck week after week after week, all right enough talking, let’s get to work, click the link in the description video, be sure to subscribe, to see my future videos on epic trading and other affiliate marketing programs. Until next time have a great night. You


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