How to make $100-$500 a day online with artificial intelligence text bot in 2020-2021. Making $500 a day online, with AVA text bot in 2020-2021, AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant welcome to my making 500 a day online with message tech spot in 2020. This is peter from Pedro’s top10 reviews, and today i want to show you a tutorial on how you can start making money very easily this is the one of the best ways i found in 2020 and you can make up from uh and you can make from 100 or two hundred dollars to up to five hundred dollars a day or more. If you follow my steps using this amazing software, that is simply amazing. Checkout AVA text bot here

 So I’m going to make a short tutorial about this and please stay to the end because you’re, going to see also the amazing bonuses that i have to offer. If you get into AVA Text Bot my link, so I’m going to show you the strategy that I’ve been using for the last weeks. This is basically a very good software that is called AVA and. It stands for artificial virtual assistant, so this uses basically artificial intelligence and it’s going to solve the problem of a lot of people that are trying to get traffic for their business.

 This is not like a software that you need to get into and start promoting it as an another business. You don’t need to, know anything about this, because this basically works, like a text bot for mobile, so you’re going to, send messages to your clients but the way it works. It’s really ingenious, so what happens?

 Today it’s a lot of people I’m going to show you here they have a problem to get traffic to their their own business. So let’s say that you are promoting, like builder, all or click funnels or my online startup or easy1up, and i can see that a lot of people are into this business, but they don’t know how to get traffic for it and they don’t make any money with it. So if, you have like a opportunity online, your own business and you want to start getting.

 Sales what you need, basically is traffic, so I’m going to put here, you need traffic and what are the ways? To get traffic? You have only two solutions, so either you buy traffic either you get free organic traffic or you get paid traffic Making $500 a day online with msg text bot in 2020, AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant. This is the way it works. Marketing online, you need traffic for your opportunity, opportunities and the problem is that most people they don’t knowhow to work with free traffic or paid traffic to work with free traffic.

 You need to be an expert on Facebook or a social network like that and you need to be already like an authority because just starting pasting links in every group and pitching people and spamming groups with your links, is not going to get free traffic. You need really to, have a big following in Facebook and you have you need to have a lot of people following you and. Seeing that you are an authorities to get free traffic, then the other chance is to get paid traffic to get paid traffic. You need to buy solo ads and we know as today, that uh, usually you buy Solo ads and it’s very difficult to get sales most people they buy Solo ads to grow at least so. This is a big problem and the most part of the people.

They don’t have patience for these two aspects either. They don’t have time to build a free traffic or to get organic traffic. Because it requires a lot of time and you need to be already in authority or either they don’t have money to buy traffic. So what happens with ava is that ava is going to resolve all these for you. So what is our basically the software? That gets you uh? That works in two ways the first way is you can resell the software and? You can resell for 100 or 500 depending on the upgrade that your client is going to sign for, and you can also use to promote your main program as well.

 Making $500 a day online with msg text bot in 2020 and into 2121 AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant.

 So this is a perfect solution because instead of promoting other people products, you are going to promote your own products, so i’m going to show you how. It works basically to get into alpha. You need to pay 100, and this 100 is what your clients are going to pay you to. So for each person that signs under you, you get 100 and you get also the second sale of this person to use you’re going to get100 for this from this person and plus 100 from his second sale, the first sale is going to your client. So you can multiply this a lot of times and if your client upgrades for 500 you can see that you can start getting alot of paid days with 500 or plus a day, the other way that works is that you are promoting your business and how that works.

 You have a text bot artificial intelligence or artificial virtual assistant that makes all the tasks for you and is going to send to all your clients uh messages. Every day you can send up to 200 messages or more a day to your clients and. Then you are promoting your business so when you jump to the dashboard you’re going to have your links to promote the software. This is a link for the software and this link for a webinar that people can also you can also use this link then. You have to charge your phone accounts because.

 They are going to give you an American number for this program, which is really good because. If you live like in India or something you’ll, spend a lot of money testing from India so they’re going to give you a American number and you have to just to charge ten dollars. Ten dollars usually eat less for two or three months. Okay then. You just go here to basic account. Here you get, access to the leads that are signing under your program. You can chat with them you have the settings. You can also create alot of custom keywords for your tech spots so.

 Every time your client writes a keyword that, you choose like make money online, or it’s, hard or uh. How do i make sales or something this is going to uh trigger a text from you, like a text bot that is going to send an offer to your client, and this is all done in the mobile, so this is really good, because right now mobiles they have like, and you know That they have like a 95 percent open rate of the messages.

 It’s not like email, that maybe, it’s like 10 or like Facebook messenger messages – that people usually even don’t see the messages so you’re, going to get a lot of uh here you get a lot of training in this area. This is a area where you can upgrade for 500. Making $500 a day online with msg text bot in 2020, AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant.

 Then you get here the resellers, This is with all the links you get. This is all the info that you need to resell. This program, so you have the links, you have presentation leads: you have a Facebook, group you have resources, spending, payments commission history, etc. So, basically you are going to work a lot with text bot too with your clients, also when your client gets into the dashboard is going to get also. Here it’s going to get always here whatever business. You are promoting you can check it out. So if i check it out, here i get the link of the offer that my sponsor is offering and i can of course buy it and he is going to make money with it.

 So i can put my my offer here and the way it goes. Is you go to your profile and here you can put on uh. You can put here your payment payment methods. You can pay it by a lot of ways like PayPal, k, shep apple cash credit card, bitcoin, zelle, etc and here you’re going to put your primary business, so in your primary business details you’re going to choose, whatever you want to promote. So if i click here i’m going to show what I’m promoting with ava so every time they click they want to see.


What is my offer? I’M offering this endless profits funnel that I’m working with and i get a lot of results for people hitting this Making $500 a day online. With msg text bot in 2020, AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant funnel so i can promote my funnel people will click here they sign and I’m going to get leads and sales. So i can uh choose whatever offer i want for this. I can like use another funnel, like I’m a solo ads.

 Vendor so, i can also use this funnel if i want which is really good. I made this funnel for my solo ads business, and i can put here and because this is also traffic that they might be interested or so. I can put here on my primary business. Okay, so you see you can first, you can sell the program and make a lot of money and you can promote your main business business and besides that you are all the time sending messages so let’s imagine that you are doing like product launching and every day. You do a product review that you are going to promote and get a commission out of that so.

 Imagine that every day you can send messages, by text box to mobiles to all your clients with this offer, which is going to convert much more than any, email, marketing or messenger messages. Then the other way that i do, i usually just it’s very easy to work with these, so I’m going to show you how i do this is a client of mine, so he asked me for info today, I’m going to show you info please so. I put it here this. I got some sales and, i put it here on Facebook and this client of mine. He asked me for info, so i did send a message right away, so he was asking me but okay, so i sent the link.

 What’s the plan? Andi explained it how it works. So this is one of where promoting the other way very easily that. I do it’s very simple. I just go to somebody let’s say like this person is asking me for um, Making $500 a day online with msg text bot in 2020, AVA Artificial Virtual Assistant friendship. So i just send a message to him now i levy, i have already text that i use so i’m going to use this text and on this text. What i say, basically is uh thanks to connect, always good to connect with minded people uh with like-minded people, as a bonus for all my new friends I’m giving away cool strategies?

 Would you like to know how i can how you can generate free, leads and sales for your own business and make at least one hundred dollars per day instantly using automated virtual assistant help? So this is the way i do i send this to all my friends. I even don’t need to pitch them. This is all people that are requesting friends to me. So I’m going to send this message to all these people and of course some of them are going to, see that this is going to help a lot their own business. Besides that, i can also go to groups that. I use like. Let’s say this: is a group that i use like this mobile from Troy Hollenbeck.

Andi can look here for people that i can see on the posts that they have some problems or they are not making money or people that have questions and are having a hard time. So i just can add these people okay. Let’s say like. Oh, this is already a lot of friends of mine. Oh let’s say this guy when he accepts the connection. I send this message so it’s pretty easy to get free organic traffic for this, and, as you can see this, this uh client of mine is going to uh is interested and is going to okay sounds good uh.

 Can i call you now yes sure, so i had the zoom call and he’s going to sign for the program tomorrow. So this is a very easy way to start making money online very fast because uh. This business is going because this platform not only gives you money because you are selling the platform, but also it’s going to give you money, because you’re going to be in touch with all your clients by mobile, and this is going to automate.

 The whole process with text box which is really good and it’s like the future right now the artificial intelligence is the future. So i hope you enjoyed to to see this tutorial of making 500 a day online in 2020. It’s very easy to work with this. So if you are interested just watch the description of the video below and sign with my link below – and you are going to get a lot of bonuses that – are already there in the description, and also you’re going to get training for me because i have a face. I have a Facebook group where i teach people all these very hot strategies that are working now on on to that are working now on 2020.so, thanks a lot to watch this uh tutorial on alpha and how i am making 500 a day in 2020 with, the artificial intelligence technology.


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