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Hello and welcome to bit boy crypto, my name is ben every day. I show you how to make money in cryptocurrency. If you like money, then please make sure to tap the subscribe button and hit the bell. So you never get a case of the bitboy fomo. So today we’re going to be talking about wearable.


Now i’ve done a short tutorial wearable before it was in the middle of a live stream or in the middle of a video. So i want to take this time to do a full tutorial on this. Show you guys how to use it. If you didn’t know, wearable is pretty much right now. The number one platform for nfts that may change in the future.


We have a lot of bit boy collectibles on here, and things like that. So here we go. If you head on over to rarible.com it’ll, say, create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain. So today is the non-fungible reality of tomorrow.


Uh and you have two options create or explore now up on the right hand, side you can click, how it works should take. You to a one of their tutorial videos or you hit connect wallet. So if you hit connect wallet is going to take you well mine, automatically connected because i have meta mask. You have different options, you can use metamask or you can use three other types of wallets now when you first get here. Let’S start up here on the the logo right here, if you click this, this is going to take you back to the home page, which is basically nothing.


This is really the starting point for uh your rari experience. So here you want to search a creator, collectible or collection you can type in. If you type in bitboy, you can click that and then it’s going to take you to all of my verified uh. You know collectibles that we have for sale. Most of these – i guess some of these are owned by other people uh, but we created um almost all of these um, so here we go.


Let’S go ahead and uh erase that start over the search bar we’re not gon na search for anything right now, uh. Let’S go and head back to the marketplace. So here is your navigation tabs. You have marketplace my collectibles, how it works, faq and governance. The governance is very important.


A lot of people do not know about this, so here we are on the marketplace. We’Re going to click my collectibles, you can see, i don’t have anything right now. We’Re actually gon na buy something from the marketplace, and that is gon na change, um how it works. If you click. This is gon na.


Take you to this video, and this is all about how to create nft. So if you wan na learn how to create your own click, how it works, that’ll walk you through the entire step of minting your own non-functional tokens or art pieces. Obviously you have the frequently asked questions page here: you’re going to be able to learn what the rari governance token is you’re, going to learn about burning tokens, openc integration, unlockable content, royalty system, uh and things like that, because when you sell things on wearable, you actually Have the option to set a commission so that every time one of your cards sells through the platform you get a percentage of that for its lifetime? So we’re talking about these eventually being worth. You know a lot of money.


Some have already sold for a lot that commission can certainly add up now. Let’S click governance here, we’re going to click rari token, and this is going to give you a little bit about the governance token. But here’s what’s important. What’S important, is this little box right here? So you can see.


My balance here is zero. Rari and available for claim is zero rari. Now, every monday, at three o’clock eastern standard time or 12 o’clock, pacific time uh, you are going to get rari sent to your wallet if you’ve done any buying or any selling. So what some people are doing? I’M not telling you to do this.


I’M just saying i you know this has been kind of a problem on the side, people kind of wash trading sending buying and selling their own cards back and forth to each other in in order to earn rari. That’S not what you should be doing uh, but you should be taking part in the platform, because when you do that you do earn rory roy’s worth about. You know four to five bucks in any given moment uh and these can certainly add up uh. I definitely bought some in the past um. I spent several eats on the site at some point and i earned a pretty penny for what i had bought and uh.


You know i definitely got ta say this is a huge part of this platform. You’Re not only able to buy and resell for a higher amount, you’re also able to earn rari and make money that way too. So you know imagine you bought something for 10 eth that would be pretty expensive on the site, so one of our cards has sold for that. But if you bought something for tanith and you would probably get like three or four hundred bucks worth of rari just for that, so you can buy that for 10. Eth, sell it and make more money and then make more passive income from the wearable token.


So, let’s move on back to the marketplace, i’m going to show you guys how uh to buy something i kind of like this one uh satoshi montana. So let’s go ahead and see if we can buy this right here. What you’re going to do is you’re going to click on this. This is by open, nft uh. You can see i kind of like it looks cool.


It’S got a scarface look to it. You’Re gon na click buy down here. It’S gon na charge. You a 2.5 fee and then 10 royalty is going to open in ft, so the actual price is gon na be pretty much a hundred dollars.


Right. Click proceed to payment uh. After that, metamask is gon na pop up and we’re gon na hit confirm after we always select the highest highest gas fee, not because it’s faster, but we just wan na spend as much money as possible. I’M just kidding so they’re going to wait for the transaction house hash and boom. You have successfully purchased satoshi montana a1 from open ft, 426 or 0.


6 each 100 bucks. You can then share this on twitter share this on facebook share this on telegram or you can share it via email. So, even though it’s gon na take a little bit for the transaction to go through 100, it’s already pretty much done um, and so we now have this nft. So now, when we go to my collectibles, our nft is going to show up now it’s not showing up right now. The reason like i said is you know we’re waiting for the transaction to fully go through, and then it will pop up here under my collectibles.


Now you guys don’t forget to you, know, check out our bitboy account here um. We are one of the number one uh sellers on the site uh. We suspect that by the end of this month we should be number one. Uh pranksy currently is number one we’re doing a collaboration with prankstee. That’S a great account.


You should definitely check that account uh out as well kind of a first mover on the site, and things like that. So let me show you guys a couple other things about buying verified cards. So, as you guys can see here, there’s some information. It shows says what the collection is, what the who the owner is and who the creator is. Okay.


Now this right here is a fake card. Okay, this right here is fake. This is someone copying our cards now. How do i know that this is fake immediately? Well, it’s because we are verified.


So if you look here, you see the verified check mark, it sits. Half inside and half outside the icon, that’s how you know the real one. So you can look right here and know if you’re buying a fake card, so real fake, real, fake, real, real, real, real, real, fake, fake fake this or no. This one is actually this one is real, because this was a collaboration. We did uh with uh a non-art so that that one is real, he’s verified as well.


You see his check mark um, that’s the only collaboration we’ve done so far um. We also are doing one with pranksy, so those would be legitimate at this point. You guys can see this one is fake. This one is fake. This one is fake, real, real, real, so just look for that verified check mark.


So when you go to our page, if you click on sale, this will show you all the things that we currently have on sale on the site, uh and things like that. So sometimes we buy things from other people and then we resell those as well. That’S definitely a big part of this business. This will show you how many are left, so this one only has 5 out of 20 left uh. This one has point four, this one’s going for point.


Four east we’ve got our original animated bit boy going for you know 18 or going for two east uh, there’s uh 18 out of 30 of those left. We are going to be doing some burns here pretty soon. If you watch my live stream, video on tuesday, we went over all this by the time you’re watching this i’ll have different art up here, but um. This is our count, like, i said, check for the yellow verification mark, make sure that you are on the right page. Don’T get scammed, don’t get burned, don’t buy fake cards.


That is the key: do not buy fake cards uh and you will do just a-okay because at the end of the day, there’s a lot of scammers out there and you know definitely. This is true on nft platforms as well. We just saw a big scammer. Blue kirbyfi from twitter came on here, basically stole 1800 from people uh, that’s like 600. 700.


000. So you got to be careful uh. You know the original direction of this channel was going to be about um. The original direction of this channel was going to be about a comic series, so it’s really cool we’re able to get back to that and things like that. Let’S check see if my collectibles here we go so we’re back on my collectibles.


It popped back up. Look at that satoshi montana. So that’s how you do it. They will all be stored right here. They are in your wallet as well.


You can’t see them inside the actual wallet itself. You can see them. Whenever you go to a platform, then uh an nft platform is gon na auto populate uh. You know – and things like that, so thank you right. Everybody so much for watching make sure you go check out our wearable page i’ll, put the link down below in the video description.


That’S all i got have a blessed day: good boy out, [, Music ]. You