All the data that I imagined I needed were already on my new computer and the drive was in in a drawer on its own after an incident with a previous laptop and I’d thought that I’d taken off everything I needed any ambivalence a few moments before you chucked it in with the boxes and the bottles to bring down as soon as I settled it in the bucket at home.

I had a second thought you know in the back of my mind you know you’ve never thrown a hard drive a pur recall before why start now you shouldn’t do this sort of thing you know a little demon in the back of my chief sort of thing but yeah I make I didn’t take it feed it remained in the in the bin and then came down to the landfill site now with with the other suitcases that I brought you returned the Bragg’s down you hurled them in there didn’t think twice before driving off when did the penny slip that actually what you’d thrown away was worth a fortune when I started to hear floors of you know the Silk Road shut down and clearly other men making such a earnings and their Millions I the penny stop then you know that I had seven and a half eras and bitcoins on a hard drive that I’d propel eight several months ago so for people who don’t understand virtual currencies they wouldn’t have thought it’s a problem throwing away a thing hard drive but to get your money you would need that hard drive yeah there’s a specific file on that hard drive called a wallet file which the Bitcoin is stored under and without that datum “theres no way” of getting the money back because there is no central central server that records a record of it

You’ve spoken to the manager now they’ve been very nice to you they’ve driven you guys later but they’ve warned you there’s absolutely zero probability of meeting it basically yeah you know I came down yesterday morning to be informed about what the process was I thought that maybe the individual pouches may have been sorted and that the actual drive itself may have been you know to put aside into you know computer waste bin that I could maybe look through but when I arrived yesterday they mostly “ve been told” that anything that goes into the household scrap bin is compressed and interred James I’m sure there’s a horrendous batch of people feeling for you right now

How do you feel stood now utterly destroyed as you can imagine I really wish I could go back in time and not hurl that drive away I’m told the landfill site will you’ve seen it is about well one or two football degree sizes is there any temptation to maybe send out search party go digging to be perfectly honest I don’t have the resources the friends or the manpower to start that particularly with eight certain guarantees of you know receiving money at the end because as you know we’re on a landfill locate there are many other sort of substances that are thrown in with that as well so I necessitate there’s a potential to find the drive is it still working can the data be recovered I have not yet been intuition and when I vanished up to the landfill site yesterday my first thought was I’ve got no chance