Hey guys welcome to our channel glad to see you here hope you’re doing well today in this video i want to show you how to make money on the forex market one of the biggest markets trading markets in the world uh, I’m using the IQ option. Platform this is absolutely great platform. Of course, you can find the link in the description panel of this video uh, and it will be absolutely great. If you’ll join to our family, the big big big family of investors and traders, because this is pretty simple and pretty easy way to grow. Your own income to grow your money and to do when the your money working for you, not you working for money if!


You have some even small amounts of money there’s. A lot of people writing in comments. Okay you’re trading, 100 bucks and thousands dollars we don’t have like thousands dollars to invest it’s. Okay, you can start with the ten dollars on this platform and i love this platform because uh. You can jump in literally printing dollars, it’s absolutely easy uh and if you, if you see that couple minutes, ago i just pressed two buttons this one by button and right now from 200 dollars of investment, i have already 25 percent uh 13 and 25 of income and. This is pretty amazing. This is pretty easy even if you um, if you don’t know all the technical analysis stuff, if you first time on the trading issue nah but you’re interested, i want to show you that this is absolutely fantastic way to make money.




Because, first of all, this platform, is absolutely, transparent and understandable, there’s no, some difficult things to learn or to understand, and you see i opened two positions and this positions brought me 30. I can close this positions close it all 32 bucks in, like five minutes, literally there’s a great tool. There’s an interesting widget right here in the left, side of the screen uh. If you again, if you don’t know about the technical analysis, if you don’t knowhow to act on this platform and in forex market in general, uh, there’s a plethora of tools, but this widget is just amazing. Why? Because uh all the traders, who are on the platform right now, they’ reacting somehow buying or selling the stocks, uh the forex and this widget shows how all the people who are available on the uh on the market right now on the platform, how they acting so 54 of people sure absolutely sure That you need to press buy. You can change the amount of money right here.


So let’s say: let’s leave this a hundred dollars and if you scroll out a little bit you’ll see that the trend in general is up going right now up going. That means need to press buy button. Let’s do it right now of course: the price is changing. All the time and. The price can fall down a little bit but in general. We’ll wait a couple minutes uh to show you how this works the price is going down right now. We can, for example, press the sell button on this spot because. The price is pretty high right. Now you see, there was a height right here. There was a height right here and there’s great potential to get the height up here or higher, but in general the trend is up going. The price is growing and, this is great, and even if, if you have like couple minutes a day, 10 or or 20 or half hour, you can trade, and you can grow your money. Like you have your job okay, but everybody has a free time or in the evening or if the the best thing about this platform that you can download it to your smartphone and you don’t need, even the laptop or computer, you can trade, literally from anywhere uh where’s the internet in action.


That’s it that that’s pretty pretty amazing thing uh, because you have a money in your pocket in your smartphone of course. There’s plenty. I told you already that plenty of people write in like in comments. That we, don’t have thousands of dollars. Okay, invest ten dollars, grow small amounts of money and when you when, you figure out how it’s how it’s made and how it’s acting uh, I’m sure that you can make hundred dollars from ten dollars in one week and the same thing. If you have hundred dollars, you can make a thousand dollars in one week with the small steps uh spending a little bit more time on the platform but. You can do it for sure, because i did it like right now.


I have some amount of money on my balance and i feel confident. That i can afford to lose some money on the platform if the situation uh going not the way that i need it, uh or not the way i predict it, but the thing is even with a small amount, even literally with ten dollars, because this is the minimum amount of money that you can Um, invest on this platform even with the 10. You can make your money work for you and in some time, like maybe in a month, maybe in a two uh, you can even quit your job and and like acting and act on this platform like for the full time but before. Of course, before you need to try.


First of all, i left the link in the description panel of this video so. You should get easily to the platform. Of course, you need to pass the registration you need to pass the uh confirmation of your email and after that you’ll be able to trade and this is pretty awesome and pretty amazing, because this this is simple. A lot of people thinking that this is something complicated. It’s not uh and this is the main purpose of my video to show you that it’s not difficult. It’s not complicated and. You can try it yourself and when you’re gonna try. It you’ll see that i don’t i don’t know the business in the world which can give you such fast growing of uh of your investment, really a lot of people thinking that. If you have a business that gives you 50 of income uh of profit per year.


This is a great business, but i believe – and i did it myself and you can – do it yourself nah. I believe that everybody in the world can make more income than 50per year in the short period of time. So i don’t know, maybe in five minutes like I’ve made three dollars. Yes, it’s not a big amount of money, but ifi would invest 1 000. I would get 30 for example even with the small amounts of money let’s close. This position, for example, close it okay, almost four dollars, uh just sit and count how much time. You need to spend on your job where you going every day to get four dollars or five or tenor hundred just count it. Okay and after you did it alrighty.


Let’s reopen this slot because, This is a great spot when the price went down – and you know the trend – is upgoing and the price will grow. Fantastic uh just think about it. How much time you need to spend to uh to make like ten dollars? Think about it and after you’ll think about it just, go to the description panel of this video find the link to get to the platform and. Try to invest money on this platform and. I promise in a week you’ll be much more happier than you are now. Thanks for watching this video till the end hope you enjoyed I’m gonna continue to trade and I’m gonna continue to make money online. Thanks, for reading this blog post on my Forex strategies. If you want even better strategies, premium signals and live sessions visit the link below.